Last reviewed 31 May 2021

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is urging the World Health Organization (WHO) and national governments to introduce a global mutually recognised digital vaccination certificate for commercial truck and coach drivers.

Governments need to prioritise commercial drivers in national vaccination programmes, it has argued.

Uncoordinated action by governments, and their chaotic Covid-19 testing and vaccination schemes, are endangering drivers, mobility networks and supply chains, the IRU believes.

It points out that professional drivers are still being caught in long queues at makeshift roadside test centres, putting them at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 than in their usual protected working environment in their vehicles.

Furthermore, long waiting times at borders continue to lead to unnecessary disruptions to supply chains and mobility networks.

“Drivers have worked tirelessly through the pandemic to keep people and goods moving, despite often pointless restrictions at borders. They are essential workers and need priority access to vaccines,” IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, said.

The WHO needs to put in place a global framework for a mutually recognisable digital vaccine certificate as soon as possible to allow cross border commercial drivers to be able to continue doing their vital jobs, he concluded.