Last reviewed 17 January 2022

The UK Trade and Agriculture Commission (TAC) has invited submissions on whether provisions in the UK‒Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that relate to trade in agricultural products may affect the maintenance of UK regulatory standards.

In particular, the TAC seeks submissions regarding differences between the relevant standards applicable to activities in Australia and the UK in areas including: animal or plant life or health; animal welfare; and environmental protection.

Evidence should be sent to by 11 February 2022 at the latest and should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document of no more than two pages in length.

Full details can be found at

It should be noted that, in accordance with the TAC’s terms of reference, submissions should not address human food safety, as this is covered by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Submitting persons or entities must list their website (if an organisation), along with an email address and a named contact. Submitting persons or entities may be contacted for further information.

“If you would like all or part of your submission to be treated as confidential, please contact the TAC secretariat on,” the Call for evidence concludes.

The TAC is an independent expert committee set up to advise the Department for International Trade (DIT) on matters of agricultural standards to ensure that the UK agriculture sector remains competitive in any FTA.