A new survey by the Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA) has revealed the negative impact caused since the closure of the childcare voucher scheme in 2018.

The survey of 20,000 parents, employers and childcare providers comes a year after the scheme closed to new entrants.

Key findings from the report include the following.

  • More than 80% of parents are worse off now the childcare voucher scheme has closed, with nine in ten blocked from benefitting.

  • 97% of employers would reopen the scheme, while half have seen a reduction in employee satisfaction.

  • Only 5% of nurseries prefer Tax-Free Childcare to childcare vouchers and more than half say the closure has made it harder for parents.

The report follows the publication of the latest official statistics showing the uptake of Tax-Free Childcare is far lower than the Government had estimated.

In light of the report’s findings, the CVPA is renewing its call for the childcare voucher scheme to be reopened to new entrants alongside the majority (97%) of their survey respondents.

Chair of the CVPA, Jacquie Mills, said:

“The voices of parents coming through our survey couldn’t be clearer – childcare support has to provide flexibility and choice, allowing parents the opportunity to decide what works best for them.”

“It also needs to break down the barriers to career progression, extending opportunities to working parents, and enabling employers to attract the talent they need. Finally, it has to be simple and effective – that’s why we still support reopening the Childcare Voucher scheme. This would be the best option to achieve all these aims, aligning with the government’s objectives to support working families and helping businesses thrive.”

The full survey report is available here.

Last reviewed 2 September 2019