Last reviewed 24 July 2020

An alliance of truck-makers, suppliers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the energy sector has urged the European Commission to require that charging stations be installed at truck parking zones.

Their letter is available at

It states: “To decarbonise the road freight sector and drastically reduce air pollution, trucks will have to be electrified, either by the means of batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. Therefore, charging and refuelling infrastructure will have to be developed along the motorways.”

The Commission is developing new standards for safe and secure truck parking areas in Europe with the aim of upgrading 300,000 truck parking places while creating 100,000 new ones based on the new standards.

Calling for the installation of charging stations for refrigerated trucks in all upgraded or new parking areas, the alliance letter points out that 95% of equipment used on refrigerated trailers in Europe comes equipped with a plug but cannot charge or run on electricity during rest times, because of a lack of infrastructure.

Equipping all parking areas with access to electrical plugs for electric cooling could save 69% of carbon dioxide (CO2), 93% of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 96% of particulate matter (PM) emissions per net operating hour.

The letter also reminds the Commission that it needs to plan ahead for the future deployment of electric charging and hydrogen refuelling stations for zero-emission trucks.

To limit costs in the future, the alliance suggests that the closest proximity with the medium voltage grid should be favoured when deciding on the location of the new parking areas to be created.