Last reviewed 11 December 2020

The Scottish government has announced that eligible nurseries will continue to benefit from 100% relief on non-domestic rates until at least June 2023.

The Nursery Rates Relief Scheme provides 100% relief on non-domestic rates (NDR) for premises used only as a day nursery or mainly as a day nursery. The scheme was introduced in April 2018 and was due to end on 31 March 2021 but the extension will allow for a full evaluation of the impact of the day nursery relief on providers, parents and carers – a recommendation of the Barclay Review of non-domestic rates.

In 2020-2021 the rates relief has been worth on average more than £12,000 to each eligible nursery. An evaluation of the initial three-year scheme will be completed by June 2022.

Children’s Minister Maree Todd said:

“Extending the Nursery Rates Relief Scheme will provide some welcome certainty to our day nurseries – especially at a time when many are feeling real financial pressures.”

“Our childcare sector plays a vital role in our economy, supporting children’s development and helping parents to access employment, education or training. We have seen the critical importance of this during the pandemic.”

“We will shortly announce a new date for when all eligible children will be entitled to 1,140 hours of high quality care and learning – almost double the current statutory entitlement.”

“I’m very pleased that in addition to the measures we’ve already taken, this further step will provide more certainty for the sector, while ensuring the benefits of the scheme are being felt by families across Scotland.”

The statutory expansion of funded early learning and childcare for eligible children from 600 to 1,140 hours was paused in April to give local authorities the flexibility to focus on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new date for the statutory expansion to 1,140 hours is due to be announced shortly.