Last reviewed 29 July 2021

An independent, industry-led, not-for-profit organisation has been launched to implement the certification of competent individuals wishing to deliver the role of building safety manager (BSM) and to create a publicly accessible register of those certified by the scheme.

The Building Safety Alliance (BSA) will also work with others to evaluate how organisations who wish to deliver the function of the BSM can be assessed as having the organisational capability to do so and how to assist contractors and suppliers to higher risk buildings to deliver a competent workforce that understands how to ensure that residential buildings are safe for residents.

It points out that the Grenfell Tower tragedy brought to the fore how the safety of all buildings needs to be ensured.

Recognising the role they play in delivering safe buildings, representatives of both the public and private sector have accordingly come together to deliver the change in culture needed and the uniform standard of competence that residents should expect from those responsible for their safety.

BSA Interim Chairman, Anthony Taylor, said: “When we were initially asked to develop the competence requirements for the new statutory role of BSM, we recognised that for the framework to work, we also needed to set up wider structures that would support the development of and drive for a recognised and uniform standard of competence”.

He explained that the BSA will be taking forward and implementing the recommendations from Working Group 8 (WG8) of the Competence Steering Group.

The WG8 Competence Framework is now being translated into a Publicly Available Specification (PAS), sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), and, once finalised, this PAS 8673 will be the standard to which the Alliance will certify candidate BSMs against, before allowing them onto the Register.

The PAS is being developed in parallel to the legislation (the Building Safety Bill) to make sure certified BSMs will be delivered by the time the legislation becomes enforced.