Last reviewed 8 October 2013

The British Standards Institute (BSI) is inviting views on draft standard ISO 50015: Energy Management Systems – Measurement and Verification of Organisational Energy Performance – General Principles and Guidance. Those wishing to comment can do so via the BSI website until 6 November 2013.

This international standard establishes a common set of principles and guidelines to be used for measurement and verification (M&V) of organisational energy performance, thus allowing organisations to effectively measure their energy usage. The guidance, which adds credibility to energy performance results, can be applied to a broad variety of organisations, of any size.

BSI has also recently introduced British Standard EN ISO 14031: 2013 Environmental Management — Environmental Performance Evaluation Guidelines. This international standard allows organisations to measure, evaluate and communicate their environmental performance via a process called environmental performance evaluation (EPE), which uses key performance indicators based on reliable and verifiable information.

EPE is equally applicable to small and large enterprises and can be used to support an environmental management system (EMS) or used independently. An organisation with an EMS in place can assess its environmental performance against its environmental policy, objectives, targets and other environmental performance objectives.