Last reviewed 18 August 2021

It is important for people to take time off to get rest and to keep both physically and mentally healthy, Acas has advised, as it urged workers to use their holiday entitlement within their current leave year where they can.

New research by the advice and mediation service has found that 39% of British employees have taken less paid time off work during the pandemic compared to before it started.

This varied depending on the size of the organisation with 44% of employees at businesses with under 250 employees being less likely to have taken paid time off, while the figure was 35% at businesses with 250 or more employees.

Acas Chief Executive, Susan Clews, said: “Whilst the easing of pandemic restrictions is good news for many businesses, many staff will be keen to use up the leave they have saved up to take advantage of the summer season”.

Acas advice is for employees to agree any holiday plans with their managers and keep them updated on any new Covid developments that could impact work such as travel quarantine or being asked to self-isolate.

It highlights that, in 2020, the Government introduced a law allowing employees and workers to carry over up to four weeks' statutory paid holiday into their next two holiday leave years.

This law applies for any holiday that staff do not take due to Covid-19.