A new analysis by the European Commission reveals the extensive links between exports and jobs in all the Member States, including the UK. In total, global exports from the EU support 36 million jobs across Europe and generate €2.3 trillion of value added.

In its new report, EU Exports to the World: Effects on Employment (which can be found here), the Commission states that exports from the UK to countries outside the EU support 3.75 million jobs in this country.

A further 650,000 people in the UK are in jobs linked to exports from other EU countries to countries outside the Union, which means that 14% of British jobs depend on EU exports.

In addition, the report goes on, British exports to countries outside the EU support more than 426,000 jobs across the rest of the EU. Furthermore, since 2014, the number of jobs supported by exports has increased by 3.5 million.

“This study makes it crystal clear that trade means jobs,” EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said.

Exports from the EU to the world support the livelihoods of a vast, and increasing, number of citizens in every corner of Europe, she added, with women accounting for almost 40% of those whose jobs are supported by trade.

The highest increases in the number of jobs created and supported by exports since 2000 have been recorded in the following countries: Bulgaria (+312%), Slovakia (+213%), Portugal (+172%), Lithuania (+153%), Ireland (+147%), Estonia (+147%) and Latvia (+138%).

In an associated study, EU Exports to the World: Effects on Income (available here), the Commission finds that 77% of export-related jobs in the UK are in services and that most people employed in export-related jobs are classed as medium-skilled workers.

Last reviewed 4 December 2018