Last reviewed 21 October 2021

Last month, Bristol Airport announced an ambitious plan to become Net Zero by the year 2030. In line with its strategy of reducing airport operating emissions, Bristol airport has decided to trial an electric airside bus.

The bus, supplied by COBUS Industries, has the capacity to carry up to 110 customers and will operate between the Airport’s terminal building and aircraft.

James Shearman, Head of Sustainability at Bristol Airport, said: “We are committed to embedding sustainability principles into the way we work every day, the way we develop and the way we collaborate. We are delighted to be working with COBUS Industries in helping deliver our sustainability targets and reducing airport emissions. This is only one project we are working on to achieve being a Net Zero Airport operation by 2030.”

The fully electric vehicle includes state-of-the-art features to maximise safety and comfort and its operating benefits will be studied and compared to the existing fleet.

The CEO of COBUS Industries GmbH, Germany, Patricia Vasconcelos, said: “One of the busiest places for both business and private trips are the airports, conglomerates of different cultures and personal needs. Today’s challenges in terms of sustainability and environmentally-friendly technologies are intrinsic goals for airport authorities, airlines and ground-handling companies.”