Last reviewed 13 May 2021

As people begin to return to travel, Transport Focus has investigated information provided by rail and bus operators to help passengers avoid busier services.

The investigation found that many operators now give information about space on board their services and calls for all transport operators to give passengers the information they need to help them social distance.

The results of the investigation by the transport user watchdog also show that 9 in 10 people would find it useful to have information on how busy services are as soon as restrictions begin to be eased. Even when Covid-19 is less of a risk, more than 8 in 10 told Transport Focus that they would find this information useful.

Chief Executive Anthony Smith said: “Reliable information can help passengers plan, avoid busier services and make social distancing easier. It’s vital that more transport operators share this information and keep it up to date so people can make informed decisions.”

Operators should make crowding information available in website journey planners, apps and other places such as National Rail Enquiries and Traveline, he suggested.


Transport Focus is calling for transport operators to:

  • provide information about space on board services where it is not already available

  • ensure information about space on board is as accurate and reliable as possible and is promoted to encourage further use

  • learn from best practice to ensure the information about space on board is easy to understand, transparent, trusted and accessible

  • provide information about space on board in journey planners to ensure information is easy to find.

The report on the watchdog’s investigation can be found — here.