The Local Government Association (LGA) presented its briefing on improving education standards at the House of Commons on 29 November 2018.

The analysis reveals that council-maintained schools receive better Ofsted ratings and improve more quickly than academy schools. In fact, 91% of maintained schools are now rated as either good or outstanding.

The LGA, therefore, believes that the best way to give all children access to the “best possible education” is through council-maintained schools with locally set and agreed budgets that can be adapted to meet local needs since councils have unique knowledge of the local area.

Furthermore, the LGA is of the opinion that the Government should “take advantage of councils’ position in the community in order to give them a clear and strategic role in school improvement and holding schools to account for education standards”. Councils should also have a role in decisions about the location of new academies and free schools.

Last reviewed 4 December 2018