Last reviewed 28 August 2020

Research has revealed that over half of staff say they’re happier working from home (compared to just one in five who prefer a traditional office environment), as business leaders begin to raise concerns around the long-term prospects of city centre retail and hospitality jobs which depend on high footfall from office workers.

The survey looked at the responses of 1481 people to questions on working in home offices and small offices and found the following:

  • pre-lockdown, 29% were already working from home

  • post-lockdown, 32% said they would now be working from home every day

  • 22% work outside of usual office hours when working from home

  • 50% admit to getting more work done when using a home office

  • 54% said they are happier working from home, compared to 18% who prefer to be in a traditional office environment

  • when working from home, 42% said they have a good work-life balance and 24% said it can help them work around friends and family with 40% admitting it gives them more flexibility with their time

  • 58% said they never feel lonely when working from home, 14% said they often feel lonely when working from home and just 1% always feel lonely when they’re working from home

  • 60% enjoy working from home and just 1% dislike it.

In addition to the above research by office suppliers Cartridge People, a recent survey by the BBC of 50 large employers found that 24 firms said that they had no plans in place to return workers to the office, implying that millions of staff may continue to work from home in future.

Andrew Carter, Chief Executive of the think tank Centre for Cities’ said, “Shops, restaurants and pubs face an uncertain future while office workers remain at home. So, in the absence of a big increase in people returning to the office, the Government must set out how it will support the people working in city centre retail and hospitality who could well find themselves out of a job by Christmas.”