Last reviewed 22 April 2015

With so many possible ways to train as a teacher nowadays, the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) has produced a route map to ensure that would-be teachers are not put off by the complexity of, and lack of clarity about, routes into the profession.

A recent survey by the ASCL provided the latest confirmation of a crisis in teacher recruitment, with nearly half the Heads polled claiming to have vacancies in the core subjects. The situation is expected to get worse because of a fall in the number of graduates and an increase in secondary school rolls.

Adding to the difficulties in recruitment, says the ASCL, is confusion about the different routes into teaching. While a variety of approaches are required to suit different people, candidates now have to apply to numerous places rather than to a central body.

The union hopes that its new route map will help new recruits and school leaders to sort out which training option is best for them or their pupils. The options include School-centred Initial Teacher Training, School Direct, Teach First and Troops to Teachers as well as the traditional postgraduate route.

Although the entry requirements are the same for each option, the training and assessment methods vary. The route map provides a simple one-page guide which objectively explains each route and gives hyperlinks for further information.

The ASCL is also calling for any future Government to review the current teacher supply model and assist teacher training providers in areas where recruitment is difficult; to this end it has drawn up a ten-point plan to tackle the shortage.