We reported in July 2018 on the possible impact on the construction industry of Heathrow Airport’s expansion plans (see Airport expansion could see construction sector take off).

Now the airport has confirmed that 65 potential logistics hubs across the country have been invited to progress to the next stage in the search for the final four who will help to deliver its third runway using offsite construction techniques.

Heathrow will determine which hubs are best placed to progress to the shortlist next Spring, by inviting the sites to expand their bids and complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ).

The sites will have until 18 January 2019 to showcase why they should be involved in the delivery of Britain’s biggest infrastructure project.

According to Heathrow’s Executive Director for Expansion, Emma Gilthorpe, delegates have toured facilities across the country, seeing first-hand the potential “to transform the country’s infrastructure and construction industries”.

The expansion project will have four sites either assembling components of the expanded airport or serving as a consolidation centre for these loads before they are transported to Heathrow helping to reduce the project’s impact to local communities, she explained.

Of the potential sites, 50 are existing or functioning sites, many of which are already experienced in delivering major projects. The other 15 sites are either undeveloped or proposed facilities with the potential for additional flexibility and customisation, essentially allowing for these sites to be built for purpose.

“When we began this search last year, we were inspired by just how many locations up and down the country were interested in playing a role in delivering the third runway,” Ms Gilthorpe said. “This shows the great potential there is for offsite construction to revolutionise the way major infrastructure is delivered in the UK.”

Last reviewed 7 December 2018