Last reviewed 2 June 2021

Outlining its ambitions to make working life better for everyone in the years ahead, the mediation service Acas has set out a new strategy.

Chief Executive, Susan Clews, explained: “Our new four-year strategy recognises and anticipates the new changes to the world of work as we recover from the pandemic.”

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service has four main ambitions.

  1. Growing its reach and widening access to services.

  2. Resolving disputes more quickly and effectively.

  3. Forging consensus on the future of work.

  4. Embracing difference, increasing inclusion, creating fairness.

Making working life better for everyone in Britain: Acas strategy 2021 to 2025 can be found at

“At Acas,” Ms Clews says: “We have long been committed to making working life better for everyone in Britain. Conflict in the workplace carries a cost. This cost is financial, but it’s emotional too. At Acas, we exist to reduce both.”

The strategy argues that healthy working relationships are critical not just to the success of workplaces and the economy but also because they allow people to flourish and find meaning and purpose at work.

The purpose of Acas is to help people to resolve these problems and, whenever possible, to prevent disputes before they happen, through training and advice.

First steps

In 2021, Acas will:

  • develop and deliver new products and services that help employees and employers return to fairer, safer and more productive workplaces after the pandemic

  • develop the channels it needs to better reach customers, for instance through more or enhanced digital services

  • target its guidance, advice and training to small and medium-sized businesses and the people who need help most

  • build new partnerships, and strengthen existing ones, across Britain, especially in parts of the economy hardest hit by Covid-19

  • shape its organisation to ensure it has the capability and capacity to deliver the greatest value for money to the taxpayer.