Revised guidance on RSE and health education

20 September 2021

The Government has made Relationships Education compulsory in all primary schools in England and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) compulsory in all secondary schools.

HSE seeks evidence on lead shot ammunition

17 September 2021

The HSE is inviting interested parties to submit information and evidence to support the development of a UK REACH restriction dossier on risks to the environment and human health of the use of lead in ammunition in Great Britain.

Manufacturer fined after repeated sulphur dioxide release

17 September 2021

AH Worth Ltd has been ordered to pay over £300,000 in fines and fees after employees were exposed to sulphur dioxide (SO2) gas released as a result of poor planning and unsafe systems of work during the commissioning and operation of a new potato processing line.

PPE should be a right for casual workers

17 September 2021

The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has offered its strong support to a recommendation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that would see workers in the gig economy gaining the same protection as employed workers.

Where are the new recruits?

17 September 2021

August saw a further rapid increase in hiring activity as improved confidence around the economic outlook led businesses to push ahead with their recruitment plans.

Lorry drivers urged to be careful with bridges

17 September 2021

A Tesco lorry recently caused huge damage to a railway bridge in Plymouth, forcing the railway line that connects Cornwall and Plymouth with the rest of the country to close and causing misery for thousands of travellers.