Trade Act allows the UK to bring new trade deals into law

4 May 2021

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has welcomed the Royal Assent being given to the Trade Act which, she said, allows the UK to put the agreements it strikes as a newly independent 21st-century trading nation on to the statute books.

EU confirms the Brexit deal

4 May 2021

It has nothing on the front cover to differentiate it from the previous 148 editions published this year, but EU Official Journal L149 is likely to prove a collector’s piece.

UK adds Serbia to its list of trade partners

20 April 2021

Serbia has become the latest country to agree a deal with the UK which replicates the trade benefits this country enjoyed under the agreement that the EU had negotiated with Serbia.

A quarter of small exporters have paused selling to the EU

1 April 2021

A survey of more than 1400 small firms has found that 23% of exporters have temporarily halted sales to EU customers while a further 4% have already decided to stop selling into the bloc permanently after new trading rules took affect at the start of this year.

First phase of new EU import control system comes into operation

19 March 2021

The European Commission has launched its new import control system (ICS2), a major reinforcement of the Customs Union's “first line of defence” against security and safety threats posed by illicit traffic in goods across the EU's external borders.

UK adds Cameroon to its trade portfolio

18 March 2021

The Central African country of Cameroon is the latest addition to the range of partners with which the UK has signed trade agreements since it left the European Union.

Michael Gove rebuts complaints of restricted trade with the EU

16 March 2021

“Thanks to the hard work put in by hauliers and traders to get ready for the end of the Brexit transition period, there are no queues at the Short Straits, disruption at the border has so far been minimal and freight movements are now close to normal levels, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.”