Last reviewed 18 February 2020

TechUK, which represents a significant part of the technology sector in the UK, launched its Staying Safe Online campaign week on Monday 17 February 2020.

As the UK moves to an increasingly online environment, which, in many cases, sees digital connectivity as a baseline, the need for companies, employees, governments and individuals to protect themselves online becomes ever more pressing.

With an evolving threat landscape, techUK wants to highlight a range of initiatives and programmes to keep everyone secure.

The 2020 campaign week focuses on five key themes.

  1. Secure by design: one of the defining cyber security challenges of the modern era. With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and recent estimates that there will be 420 million internet-connected smart devices in the UK by 2021, it is vital that these devices come with security built-in from the outset.

  2. Cyber skills: ensuring the next generation (and generations already in the workforce) have adequate cyber skills to protect themselves and their colleagues is of ever-increasing importance.

  3. Cyber hygiene: the ways people can protect themselves online through good practice and secure processes. Nonetheless, there are questions about what good cyber hygiene is, and how to think proactively about engraining cyber resilience throughout organisations.

  4. Emerging threat landscape: the cyber landscape is constantly evolving and threats include those from nation state-actors and cyber-criminals.

  5. Data protection and the cyber regulatory landscape: the importance of protecting private data is something that has rocketed into the public sphere over the last few years.

Further information about the campaign is available through the techUK website and on Twitter through the hashtag #StayingSafeOnline.