Call for co-ordinated customs measures to support supply chains

29 April 2020

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) have come together to highlight the importance of implementing coordinated customs measures to keep road transport supply chains open during the current global health crisis.

EU sets up green lanes to keep goods moving

24 March 2020

We reported recently on plans by the European Commission for new border management measures in the context of the COVID-19 emergency (see EU aims to keep goods moving).

EU aims to keep goods moving

17 March 2020

The European Commission has presented guidelines to the EU Member States on health-related border management measures in the context of the COVID-19 emergency.

EU warned by European Commission over road charging

18 February 2020

Every month the European Commission list the infringements of EU legislation by Member States which it has detected and wants them to correct. In February, Italy, Romania, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Portugal and the UK are all being called to answer for infringements.