Public still prefer cars for post-Covid travel

5 May 2021

The results of a survey asking people what modes of transport they used before the pandemic for various activities, and which they intend to use once all restrictions are lifted, will make disappointing reading for supporters of sustainable travel.

Employers can lead reduction in commuter emissions

4 May 2021

Decarbonising the journeys of commuters in England will be vital if the country is to hit net-zero targets and businesses should take more responsibility for cutting their employees’ emissions, according to a new report produced by the CBI and KPMG.

Biomethane becoming more popular for commercial vehicles

9 April 2021

The UK’s leading supplier of gas to the road transport sector has doubled the sales of biomethane across its commercial vehicle refuelling network in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020.

Doubts about measurement of commercial road transport carbon dioxide emissions

6 April 2021

Measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from commercial road transport only at the tailpipe, depending on the region, could double the true carbon picture in future fuel scenarios. This is the view of the International Road Transport Union (IRU) which argues that heavy-duty commercial vehicles, including coaches and trucks, emit just 950 million tonnes of CO2 annually at the tailpipe, using the tank-to-wheel standard, about 2.5% of global emissions.

Government provides cash for zero-emission bus scheme in England

31 March 2021

Up to £120 million will be made available through a new scheme which will allow local transport authorities to bid for funding to purchase zero-emission buses in order to reduce the carbon emissions from their local public transport and improve air quality.

Cambridge centre could allow only zero emission buses by 2025

10 March 2021

A report from the councils involved in the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) proposes that the county council and combined authority should work towards a target of only allowing buses with zero emissions into Cambridge city centre by 2025.

EU prepares the way for Euro 7 emission rules

9 March 2021

Transport operators are used to requirements that vehicles must be Euro VI emission standards compliant in order to enter towns and cities operating clean air zones - (see “London tightens Low Emission Zone standards for trucks, buses and coaches”).

Green charity places UK down the list for emission-free buses

1 March 2021

Denmark leads the way when it comes to putting zero-emission urban buses on the streets in Europe, with 78% of its new vehicles being electric, according to the latest data from non-governmental organisation (NGO), Transport & Environment (T&E).