Drivers and the coronavirus

20 April 2020

A number of announcements and publications have been made as a result of the impact which the current coronavirus crisis is having on commercial drivers.

O-licence applications — emergency procedures

25 March 2020

The Traffic Commissioners’ office at Hillcrest House in Leeds, which takes all HGV and PSV applications, will only be processing digital communications until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. The public counter is closed and telephone calls will not be taken. Staff are working from home in accordance with government guidelines. A digital-only service will continue to be supported.

Commissioner reminds operators that trust is key

26 February 2020

The entire Operator Licensing regime is built around trust and honesty between the Traffic Commissioners and operators so persistently ignoring warnings not to operate without the correct licence in place is never likely to end well.

Not transferrable means exactly what it says

13 November 2019

The Traffic Commissioners have reminded transport operators that on the back of each licence disc it says “not transferrable” and that, if there was any reason for doubt, this means that only they have the right to operate under the O-licence.

Traffic Commissioners issue no-deal guidance

24 October 2019

The Traffic Commissioners have outlined proposals for additional guidance for standard licence holders on meeting financial standing, in the event that the UK should leave the EU without a deal.