Grenfell Tower Inquiry report slams Brigade response

31 October 2019

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report has been published, setting out a damning list of failures on the part of London Fire Brigade in its response to the fire which killed 72 people on 14 June 2017.

The strategic advantages of AEO certification

31 October 2019

Compliance consultancy Vartan has urged companies to consider the benefits of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification, particularly given the current uncertainty about the UK’s terms for leaving the European Union.

Young people encouraged to apply for T Levels

30 October 2019

A new promotional campaign aims to ensure that young people have the information they need to apply for the first of T Levels, when they start in September 2020.

Health and safety is a serious matter

30 October 2019

Everyone is used to jokes about “health and safety gone mad” but serious cases involving accidents at work can result in severe financial penalties and, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has reminded employers this week, possible prison sentences.

Are your drivers fit to be behind the wheel?

30 October 2019

The Traffic Commissioners have reminded operators that they should check if their employees suffer from a medical condition which could affect their driving and might need to be reported to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Stop norovirus this winter: tips for food workers

30 October 2019

Public Health England announced recentlythat norovirus cases are increasing, as is common at this time of year. However, there is much that can be done to avoid the spread of the virus, especially in the case of food workers.

HS2 to introduce pre-qualification process for contractors

29 October 2019

Tenders for large contracts are often a lengthy process for contractors with no guarantee of a reward: research currently suggests that suppliers in the construction industry are spending up to £1 billion per year on project tenders. Now, four of HS2’s largest civil contractors are set to introduce a pre-qualification process standardised to streamline, reduce costs and boost productivity for the supply chain.