Plans to unify bus travel across Wales

16 May 2022

UK public transport technology provider, Passenger, has announced a major new partnership with Transport for Wales (TfW) as it prepares to unveil a new bus app and website for its TrawsCymru long distance bus network.

How to build green skills across the UK’s workforce

16 May 2022

A report outlining how organisations can accelerate the development of green skills across the UK has been published by Deloitte and IEMA, the professional body for environment and sustainability specialists.

Government responds to consultation on teacher misconduct

16 May 2022

In February we reported on the launch of a public consultation seeking views on proposed revisions to the Teaching Regulation Agency’s (TRA’s) guidance Teacher Misconduct: the Prohibition of Teachers (see Regulating the teaching profession).

Roofers and builders reminded to follow duty of care

13 May 2022

Most roofers and builders are law-abiding and take their duty of care seriously when it comes to waste management, the Environment Agency said, but it had decided to issue a general warning when its officers found a large amount of buried asbestos waste when executing a search warrant at a site in the South West.

Chambers’ cautious welcome for small increase in UK exports

13 May 2022

The latest trade report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) notes that total UK exports of goods, excluding precious metals, increased by £0.6 billion (2.1%) in March 2022, driven by a £0.4 billion (2.6%) increase in exports to non-EU countries, while exports to EU countries increased by £0.3 billion (1.7%).

Is Long Covid a disability under the Equality Act?

13 May 2022

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has responded to discussion of the various symptoms related to Covid-19 that are often referred to as “Long Covid” and, in particular, whether they would constitute a disability under the Equality Act.

Reactions to missing Employment Bill in Queen’s Speech

12 May 2022

As we reported earlier this week, one of the more noticeable things about the Queen’s Speech was the proposed legislation that was not included, specifically the Employment Bill that was first mooted in 2019 (see Queen’s Speech promises levelling up, education reform and Brexit opportunities).