Alarming rise in suicides in the construction industry

13 July 2021

Glasgow Caledonian University research on suicide statistics from 2015 to 2019 has shown that the number per 100,000 for construction workers rose from 26 to 29 in the four years to 2019. However, unskilled workers, such as labourers, have seen their rate rise from 48 to just over 73 suicides per 100,000.

European plans for heavy vehicle charging network

12 July 2021

Three leading commercial vehicle manufacturers have signed a non-binding agreement to install and operate a high-performance public charging network for battery electric heavy-duty long-haul trucks and coaches across Europe.

Call for more clarity on lifting Covid restrictions

12 July 2021

Business groups and unions are separately telling the Government that it needs to be much clearer in its messaging about what happens with regard to safety measures on public transport and in the workplace after “Freedom Day” on 19 July.

EU launches its Digital Covid Certificate scheme

12 July 2021

The EU Digital Covid Certificate Regulation entered into application at the beginning of this month and all but one of the 27 Member States have begun issuing the certificates.