New hybrid ways of working face new cyber threats

22 October 2021

Marking Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the British Standards Institution (BSI) has stressed the importance of having secure IT systems and effective cybersecurity practices in place for organisations developing hybrid working procedures.

Are employers ignoring work from home guidance?

16 June 2021

A minority of employers are breaching official guidance by forcing staff to “needlessly” work in offices and other workplaces according to the TUC which argues that this is part of a wider health and safety enforcement crisis.

“Freedom day” moved back by four weeks

15 June 2021

Given the widespread pessimistic predictions in the days leading up to his announcement, it would have been a major surprise if the Prime Minister had said that the final stage of his roadmap to freedom had been successfully completed.

The latest on working from home guidance

14 May 2021

Since the pandemic began, employees have generally been advised to work from home if they can; however, the big question now is when this guidance will end.

Millions hoping to work from home permanently

30 April 2021

Deloitte has surveyed over 1240 UK workers aged between 16 and 75 and, in UK workers: a year in the pandemic, reveals attitudes towards future working habits and confidence in digital skills.

Cyber security seen as growing problem as more work from home

25 March 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in businesses moving services online, supply chains being disrupted and many more employees working from home, and this has pushed cyber security to the top of the agenda for many UK employers.