Older workers power increase in night working

29 October 2019

Older workers are powering the current increase in night working, according to new analysis published recently by the TUC, with nearly a million over-50s now working through nights. This could have important implications for their health.

Controversial report suggests older pension age for better wellbeing

20 August 2019

A controversial new report has suggested that the state pension age (SPA) should be increased to 70 by 2028 and to 75 by 2035, to help support an ageing population, arguing that working longer has positive impacts on the health and wellbeing of employees.

Why are older women dropping out of work?

2 August 2019

A research study has found that women in the latter stages of their working lives are more likely to leave the workforce due to depression and arthritis than men of the same age.

Older, wiser and happier workers

20 May 2019

A three-year study into worker wellness has concluded that employee wellbeing increases with age, with people aged 65 years and older reporting the highest levels of wellbeing and those aged 18 to 24 years reporting the lowest levels.

Radical changes to work needed as Britain ages

18 March 2019

The Centre for Ageing Better has published a new report which calls for a major rethink of a range of factors — including work — as Britain undergoes “a radical demographic shift” as people live longer.

Surge in over-50s UK workers

12 February 2019

An insurance company has pointed out the surge in the number of over-50s workers in the UK, noting that these employees now outnumber the populations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and urged employers to do more to support this group of workers in their adaptation to a longer working life.

Get ready for the age of experience at work

7 January 2019

The charity Business in the Community (BITC) has urged employers to get ready for the age of experience at work, pointing out that the UK is changing fast and by 2020, one in three workers will be over 50 years old.