Taking global trade online

1 May 2020

Companies are already beginning to prepare for trading in a post-coronavirus world, recognising that there will be major changes as a result of lessons learned during the pandemic.

Government backs exporters during COVID-19 crisis

13 April 2020

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has outlined support available to 160,000 exporters in the UK, explaining how they can secure finance to keep trading during the coronavirus outbreak.

Who are the key workers whose children can still go to school?

6 April 2020

When it was announced that schools were to close (see England schools to shut until further notice), there was a rider to the effect that the children of key workers and the most vulnerable children would still be able to attend on Monday 23 March.

COVID-19 and trade

3 April 2020

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has set up a dedicated webpage to help governments, business, the media and the public track the latest information on trade-related responses to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Are employers ready for a pandemic?

17 March 2020

The Government has warned that “many thousands of people” — up to 80% of the population in a worst-case scenario — will contract COVID-19.

Self-isolate with a persistent cough or fever

17 March 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the Government is moving to the “delay” or suppression phase in the fight against COVID-19, hoping to push it away from the winter season when pressures on the NHS are more acute.

EU aims to keep goods moving

17 March 2020

The European Commission has presented guidelines to the EU Member States on health-related border management measures in the context of the COVID-19 emergency.