Creating a Covid-safe workplace

9 June 2020

Several organisations, led by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), have come together to produce a new guide to creating a safe workplace during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus, self-isolation and sick pay

19 May 2020

Setting out his action plan to tackle the spread of coronavirus, on 4 March, in the Commons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that emergency legislation would be introduced to ensure that workers will get statutory sick pay (SSP) from the first day off work, not the fourth.

Who are the key workers whose children can still go to school?

6 April 2020

When it was announced that schools were to close (see England schools to shut until further notice), there was a rider to the effect that the children of key workers and the most vulnerable children would still be able to attend on Monday 23 March.

Coronavirus: information for councils

23 March 2020

The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents local authorities in England and Wales, has highlighted a range of useful information for councils on the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Hospitality sector calls for enhanced Government support

20 March 2020

The organisation which represents bars, coffee shops, contract catering, hotels and nightclubs — UKHospitality — has called on the Government to step up its package of business support as the effect of coronavirus continues to spread.

Can coronavirus spread through food?

19 March 2020

Health experts say food is an unlikely source or transmission route of the coronavirus — unless an infected person coughs or sneezes over your food, or eating utensils are shared.

Are employers ready for a pandemic?

17 March 2020

The Government has warned that “many thousands of people” — up to 80% of the population in a worst-case scenario — will contract COVID-19.