Licence revoked for lacking a functioning transport manager

11 May 2022

At a recent public inquiry, it was found that a named transport manager had never performed any of the required duties and responsibilities necessary to fulfil the role. He had therefore failed to download tachograph data, had not ensured vehicles were given safety inspections at stated six-week intervals, had failed to ensure brake tests were carried out and had not ensured that safety inspection records were completed correctly.

Ban on exclusivity clauses extended

10 May 2022

The Government has confirmed it will introduce legislation to extend the ban on exclusivity clauses. New laws will make exclusivity clauses unenforceable in employment contracts where the guaranteed weekly income is below or equivalent to the Lower Earnings Limit, currently £123 per week. It is hoped that by removing red tape, the lowest paid workers will be given the choice to work multiple jobs if they wish, to give them more flexibility over when and where they work.

Covid-19 IPC supplement updated for adult social care

10 May 2022

The Department of Health and Social Care has updated its Covid-19 Supplement to the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Resource for Adult Social Care to reflect the latest guidance on symptoms and aerosol-generating procedures.