The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has announced £1m funding for innovative technology to recycle waste aircraft oils and lubricants — saving the Armed Forces money in waste charges whilst delivering environmentally-friendly by-products in the process.

DASA — on behalf of the Royal Air Force — has awarded contracts to three universities and one engineering firm to develop the new technology to turn waste hydrocarbons into recyclable by-products such as water, organic residue for fertilisers, and CO2.

The contracts will build on the innovative concept of recycling waste hydrocarbons utilising microbes, which was developed by a small team from 47 Squadron at RAF Brize Norton.

The team proved that waste oils and lubricants generated from servicing the Squadron’s C-130 Hercules aircraft could be broken down using microbes by a process called bioprocessing.

Last reviewed 14 February 2020