40 minutes


By the end of the session trainees should understand:

  • how to recognise when they or another person are affected by stress, from either its physical, psychological or behavioural effects

  • what potential there is for certain severe illnesses if stress is prolonged and severe.

Physical Symptoms of Stress (10 min)

Outline the physical symptoms related to stress

Keep showing slide Fight/flight response.

Ask: “If those instinctive reactions persist, how could our physical health be affected?” Invite contributions. Limit these to physical illnesses and write five of them down on the flipchart, then show the slide Physical symptoms.

These are the minor illnesses that tend to first cause people to visit their doctor. They are often not recognised as stress related. Once recognised, they become a person’s “stress indicators”, because they tend to be how someone will react each time they get stressed for a prolonged period. It is a useful warning sign.


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