The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a number of changes in the way schools are able to operate. It is important that headteachers, school principals, governors, proprietors, or trustees familiarise themselves with the latest government guidance.

For further detailed information and advice, see Croner-i’s Covid-19 coronavirus toolkit for schools.

Schools work with a variety of other services to provide support for pupils, especially those who are most disadvantaged. Collaboration between services addresses a range of issues, such as school attendance, mental and physical health and child protection.

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in months of lockdown, school closure and general disruption to education. In addition to disruption of their education, many children and young people have suffered in other ways to a greater or lesser degree, For instance, countless numbers of children will be suffering bereavement following the death of grandparents, or even parents.

It is very common for bereaved children and young people to be concerned about the health of other family members and about the reaction of their peers to their news. It is important for schools to be aware of this and to have suitable support provision in place for these young people.

Increased domestic violence has been an unfortunate feature of lockdown and many children will have experienced or been subjected to this. These children will also need particular support.

After so many months of lockdown, while most children will be happy to return to school, many children will be anxious. Schools will need to be aware of possible anxieties and be prepared to deal with them appropriately.

Where a problem is noted and appears to be escalating, early intervention strategies are used. These frequently require services to work together to support the pupils in question and their families.

There are statutory requirements for a number of health issues in schools and while most support services are available free of charge to schools in the maintained sector, this is not the case for academies and independent schools. In some cases, it is possible for these schools to buy into LA provision but where this is not possible, an independent provider must be used.

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