Vulnerable pupils include those who have medical conditions or specific behavioural needs or who are looked after, at risk (including of being drawn into extremism), displaced, sexually exploited, school-age parents, or from Traveller families. Children’s services have a key role to play with regard to keeping them safe and ensuring they receive an education.

This topic looks at the issues around safeguarding pupils in these categories of risk. Government policy is clear that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Advice about general safeguarding procedures can be found in the Child Protection topic.

Child protection regulations apply to all schools.

Regulations with respect to vulnerable children apply to local authority maintained schools and academies, but they do not apply to independent schools. As a result, some of the following content will not be appropriate for schools from the independent sector. However, many independent schools regard it as good practice to adopt most of these procedures.

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