This example is based on a tachograph-equipped vehicle when performing daily deliveries.

Stage 1: List Individual Elements

Primary Tasks

  1. Draw vehicle documentation and keys.

  2. Carry out daily vehicle check.

  3. Maintain accurate tachograph records.

  4. Load vehicle safely and legally, and secure load correctly.

  5. Check documentation.

  6. Drive safely and legally.

  7. Locate customers’ premises.

  8. Deliver correct goods.

  9. Update documentation.

  10. Repeat customer routine(s).

  11. Return to site.

  12. De-equip vehicle.

  13. Fuel vehicle.

  14. Complete daily documentation.

  15. Return documentation and vehicle keys.

Secondary Tasks (If Applicable)

  1. Complete defect report.

  2. Vehicle cleaning procedure.

  3. Maintain temperature control.

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