Telecare, also known as “advanced assistive technology” or technology enabled care (TEC), typically takes the form of technological devices and systems used in the care sector to increase, maintain and improve the capabilities and independence of people who have cognitive, physical or communication difficulties.

Telecare devices are increasingly being used in domiciliary care to enable service users to continue living in their own homes by supporting their independence, helping them to manage risks and enhancing their safety. Telecare is also employed in some care homes and other settings, such as assisted living facilities.

All telecare equipment must be safe to use and procured subject to suitable risk assessments and care plans. It should be properly fitted and set up.

The effects of coronavirus (Covid-19) have been profound on domiciliary and care home service delivery with many areas embracing technological advances, including telecare, at a faster pace. This has reshaped how care is delivered, how information is exchanged and how medical conditions are monitored. Telecare services have also been utilised to help meet Covid-19 hospital discharge service requirements.

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