The Teachers’ Standards apply to all teachers working towards qualified teacher status or in their induction period and all teachers who are subject to the Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal) (England) Regulations 2012. Part 2 of the standards deals with personal and professional conduct and applies to teachers in all sectors.

The Teachers’ Standards are integral to the assessment of performance for all appraisal arrangements and for pay progression. They should be cross-referenced in the school’s polices on appraisal, assessment and pay.

In a written answer to an Opposition question in January 2019, Nick Gibb, for the DfE, stated that the Department has no plans to revise the Teachers’ Standards. The current Standards, as they were framed, were very close to the Ofsted criteria for evaluating teaching. Indeed, the expert group that developed the Teaching Standards, had the benefit of an Ofsted observer attached to it.

However, since September 2019, under the new inspection framework, the methodology for inspecting the quality of teaching has changed. Some schools are unclear how to proceed with the self-evaluation of teaching. In relation to the implementation of the Teachers’ Standards, the answer is straightforward: the requirements remain the same.

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