Adults of working age living in care homes or supported living have the same rights to education, training and work as anyone else. They should also be able to take part in leisure and recreational activities and have a social life of their own choosing. Government policies of recent years have upheld and promoted the rights of people with disabilities and impairments to lead normal lives by taking part in mainstream occupations and activities.

Currently people with disabilities and impairments continue to be discriminated against and stigmatised when they attempt to move outside their segregated provision and enter the worlds of education, work and leisure that most of the population take for granted as their right.

Care service managers and support staff need strategies to promote the rights of their service users and to support them to obtain their rightful access to available provision. They must also consider how to overcome barriers to obtaining access and full use.

The Covid-19 outbreak has severely curtailed opportunities for people with disabilities to access education, work and leisure, and has added additional barriers to their gaining access in addition to those already in place, as discussed in this topic.

It will require careful thinking on the part of all those involved in the development of such opportunities with fair access to them, and government guidance and resources to overcome them. Recovery to regain even the progress made to the pre-covid situation will take time.

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