The Care Quality Commission (CQC) considers “supported living” and “extra care” as separate service types. Organisations involved in the provision of supported living and extra care must register the care elements with the CQC, though not the accommodation side of their operations. Providers of care within extra care schemes and supported living services therefore must achieve the standards required for all care services.

Domiciliary care, supported living and extra care service organisations all have in common the provision of care and support to people in their own homes. Supported living and extra care organisations usually have the provision of social housing as their core business with the care and support aspects developing from this.

The care and support elements of a supported living or extra care scheme for older people are generally organised as a domiciliary care service.

Supported living adopts a similar service model to a domiciliary care service. A domiciliary care service might include “supported living” in its range of services.

Skills for Care workforce data (2015) suggests that staffing arrangements are not very different from equivalent social care services. For example:

  • three quarters of housing with care and support services are provided in the private and voluntary sectors

  • the housing with care and support sector has a workforce turnover rate of 20.7% (on par with the adult social care sector as a whole and with turnover often being due to moves to other social care jobs)

  • workers have on average 9.3 years of experience working in housing with care and support (showing a solid staffing core in many schemes)

  • just over half of workers (52%) hold a relevant social care qualification.

This topic thus considers the similarities and differences between these service types (as defined by the CQC) and the implications of both similarities and differences for the organisation, management and delivery of their respective care and support services.

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