Training is the process of developing staff to an agreed standard of competence so that they have the knowledge and skills to be able to perform adequately or enhance their role or job.

A planned programme for the training and development of staff is essential to ensure good practice and the provision of a quality service. The programme should include induction, mandatory and further training suitable to the needs of individuals and the service.

Once competent, experienced and qualified staff have been recruited, it is essential to keep their skills up to date and to keep their interest. Managers can do this by helping staff achieve qualifications in line with the needs of the service and individual career plans.

(See also related topics on Induction Training, Staff Supervision and Appraisal and Developing and Managing Workplace Learning.)

Covid-19 Training Guidance

It is recognised that a more flexible approach to training has had to be taken during the Covid-19 emergency with extended use of distance and e-learning. Some assessment programmes might have had to be deferred or carried out remotely where practical. As restrictions are being eased, providers should be reverting to their previous training strategy for, eg induction and mandatory and further training in line with changes in the public health guidance. However, they should consider continuing to use any methods developed during the crisis that are of proven effectiveness.

See Skills for Care guidance on Essential Training during the Covid-19 situation, which includes a risk assessment tool.

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