Slips, trips and falls represent one of the most common causes of occupational injury in the UK, accounting for over a third of all major injuries reported each year.

However, slip, trip and fall accidents are not inevitable in the workplace and employers have a duty under health and safety legislation to conduct appropriate risk assessments and control any risks.

This topic covers the main aspects of assessing risk and describes control measures that can be taken to reduce risks.

In a care home, the employer will be responsible for health and safety throughout the premises and grounds. In domiciliary care, managers are not responsible for the control of slip and trip hazards in service users’ homes. However, they are responsible for establishing safe systems of work for staff. They will also need to consider slip and trip hazards in their office or base.

Related information can be found in the topics on Accidents at Work and Risk Assessment.

Information about service user falls can be found in the topic on Falls Management.

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