This topic provides a framework for a staff recruitment and selection strategy with guidance on the general procedures used to recruit and select staff for different levels of posts and types of job that can be found in a care service, as in any organisation.

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Recruitment is a core activity for care services, particularly those that are expanding or where there is frequent staff turnover. Recruitment strategies might reduce turnover to some extent, but there is always likely to be a need to fill one vacancy or another.

Identifying the most suitable candidate for any particular job at any level will be an important step in ensuring effective performance and practice, team working and good standards of care.

It considers questions that care providers as employers should ask themselves before deciding whether recruiting a replacement is necessary.

When recruiting and selecting staff, it is essential to comply with the current legislation concerning legal rights, confidentiality, equality and discrimination, and the appointment of “fit persons” set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and equivalent standards and guidance in other UK countries.

In England, from 11 November 2021, care providers must comply with the requirements to have all staff over the age of 18 working in a care home fully vaccinated, unless they are medically exempt. This requirement should be made clear in staff recruitment and selection.

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