About 20% of the adult social care workforce originate from outside the UK, including from other European countries, the British Commonwealth and beyond. Non-British workers therefore can be seen to be making a substantial contribution to the care and wellbeing of the people who use care services.

Most non-British employees work in direct care roles in care homes and domiciliary care services or as nurses. All applicants for any post in a care service must show that they are “fit and proper persons” to be employed. People from outside the UK must meet the same requirements and many must meet immigration requirements that have become increasingly tougher and tighter as a result of recent legislation. New post-Brexit immigration laws to be announced, will change the current requirements.

This topic provides guidance on the laws, processes and procedures involved in the recruitment and selection of staff from outside the UK with a particular focus on those employed from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), for whom different rules apply to those recruited from the UK or EEA.

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