Providers are legally required to have a number of policies in place in order to ensure children and staff are protected and supported. In addition, it is best practice to draw up as many policies as necessary in order to ensure the safe and efficient management of the provision.

Policies demonstrate to the regulatory body and others that the provision is fulfilling legal requirements by showing how services are delivered and identifying the courses of action that will be taken. They also reflect the philosophy of the provision as they underpin everything that takes place within it.

Policies and procedures provide staff with information about roles and responsibilities and set the boundaries within which they are expected to work. Providers should ensure that all staff members are given copies of the provision’s policies and procedures as part of their induction. Staff should read the policies and procedures and make sure that they understand them so that they are able to implement them at all times. As part of the line management of staff, the provider should ensure practitioners are following the procedures so that the policies are effective.

Providers should make sure that the policies and procedures are explained to, and accessible to, all parents and carers.

It is good practice to involve different groups of people associated with the provision, such as the parents and staff, when drawing up policies to ensure that they are likely to be effective and consistently implemented.

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