The culture of an organisation affects how the organisation operates at every level and ultimately how work gets done. In an ever-changing and complex world, a priority for many organisations is ensuring that their culture is fit for the future and underpins sustainability.

Culture is woven from a variety of strands and affects everything from the methods employees use to communicate and make decisions to the way the organisation is perceived by outsiders. Consequently, the organisation’s culture is central to both its ability to attract and retain employees and to its relationships with customers, suppliers and providers of funds.

An organisation’s leaders may make a conscious decision to try to change the culture of the organisation, or may need to do so. They will need to change the prevailing culture if the culture is causing the organisation to contravene legislation or if it is damaging the organisation’s ability to function effectively. Changing culture, however, is a difficult task and it takes time.

This topic looks at how culture is created and the impact that it has. It also examines how to change an organisation’s culture and the questions that need to be asked in order to drive the change.

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