Assessment is the process of analysing and reviewing what is known about a child’s development and learning. The EYFS states that assessment plays an important part in helping parents, carers and practitioners to recognise children's progress, understand their needs and to plan activities and support.

Formative assessment (ongoing assessment) is an integral part of the learning and development process. It is essential that assessment is derived from close observation collated by each child’s key person and that the assessment feeds forward into planning.

The revised EYFS framework provides clear guidance that planning must take place for each individual child and meet their individual needs, enabling them to continue to make progress. It should be very clear what the steps and stages are that will enable this progress to take place.

In planning and guiding children’s learning, providers must reflect on the different ways that children learn and reflect this in their practice.

Three characteristics of effective teaching and learning are:

  • playing and exploring

  • active learning

  • creating and thinking critically.

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