Some local government authorities have been involved in energy management for many years. More recently, initiatives such as the “Covenant of Mayors for Energy & Climate Change” are helping to drive commitment and action to achieve our longer-term emissions reduction targets globally.

Leadership is needed at both the national and local level to meet UK energy and climate change objectives: saving residents and businesses money on energy bills, generating income from local energy schemes (including renewable) and driving growth through investment and jobs in green industries.

This topic looks at areas to focus on to influence and set standards for housing and the private sector as well as considerations for improving local authority buildings. It is often the non-technical barriers that pose the greatest threat to lack of energy efficiency improvement. Responsibility should be spread throughout the local authority. Understanding the benefits and overcoming the barriers to energy efficiency are key parts of the challenge.

The resources section includes a checklist for improving energy performance of offices. This would apply to offices both within the public and private sectors. More specific technical guidance is provided elsewhere in the Energy topics.

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