Information and consultation on health and safety

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Quick Facts

22nd June 2023

  • Employers are required to provide information (and instruction, training and supervision) in order to ensure the health and safety of their employees whilst at work.

  • The information must be provided either directly to the employees, to trade-union-appointed safety representatives or to representatives elected by a group of employees for the purposes of consulting on health and safety-related matters.

  • Employers are obliged to consult with their employees on any health-and-safety-related matters.

  • Consultation on all health and safety matters must take place 'in good time'. This is down to the employer's judgment.

In Practice

What information must be provided?

Employers are required to provide information (and instruction, training and supervision) in order to ensure the health and safety at work of their employees (Section 2 Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974).

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