An employee’s first impressions of an organisation have a significant impact on their integration within the team and their level of job satisfaction. Induction is an opportunity for a business to welcome their new recruit, help them settle in and ensure they have the knowledge and support they need to perform their role. For an employer, effective induction may also impact turnover, absenteeism and employer brand.

Induction is a planned process designed to introduce new members of staff to a transport (or any) organisation as quickly as possible. The induction process should allow new staff to learn about the structure, culture and rules of the organisation. It should help them to settle in and find their way around which will contribute to driver loyalty and retention.

This topic examines why having a good induction programme is essential, who should be involved in it, how to plan it to ensure that both the employee and the employer get the most out of it and the importance of evaluating the process.

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