Indonesia is reported to have had an extensive legal health and safety framework since 1930. The main health and safety law in Indonesia is the Work Safety Act (Law No 1, 1970). This law covers all workplaces and focuses on prevention.

Article 87 of the Manpower Act 2003 states that every workplace shall implement an occupational safety and health management system.

The number and cost of occupational accidents in Indonesia have increased in recent years. Indonesia is reported to be one of the countries with the highest accident rates in Southeast Asia. The rising number of accidents is thought to reflect poor health and safety awareness in industry sectors and a lack of health and safety supervision by the Government. It is reported to be generally accepted that most Indonesian companies do not comply with health and safety regulations. An estimated 2% of large companies have a health and safety management system. Many companies regard health and safety as a cost burden. The role of the Indonesian government is reported to be the encouragement, rather than the enforcement, of health and safety regulations.

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